iReplace 1.3 is an application for advanced search and replace primarily
for web documents.

iReplace allows you to specify multiple items to find and replace or just
to search for those items. iReplace allows you to select special characters
(such as ) and will replace those with the html equal for those items. This
demo version is available for Windows and Macintosh (both classic and

Register for only $12.50. Registering allows you to save the current seach
list, load saved search lists, and helps to support future updates for

Download it for Windows

Download it for Macintosh with MacOS X

Download it for Macintosh with MacOS Classic

Macintosh System Requirements:
iReplace 1.1 requires a PowerPC running Mac OS version 8.0 or higher
including Mac OS X

Windows System Requirements:
iReplace requires a Intel or compatible chip running Microsoft Windows 95,
98, ME, NT, XP,
or 2000.

iReplace Features
This application includes the above features and following features:
* The ability to select an individual file or select a folder to scan.
* Support for html Files (.htm;.html;.html;.asp;.php)
* Support for Plain Text files(.asc;.ascii;.text;.txt)
* Support for Rich Text Files (.rtx)
* Support for Tab Separated Files (.tsv)
* The Ability to pick which special characters to search and replace
* For the Registered user – The Ability to save the current search list
* For the Registered user – The ability to load a saved search list.

New in Version 1.3
[new] Added the ability to resize the main window
[fix] Fixed a bug in the replace code where not everything was being
[fix] Updated for 10.2

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