LaCie ( has announced the LaCie 2big Network and
the LaCie 5big Network. The latter takes advantage of a Gigabit
Ethernet connection and features five hot-swappable drives that
support seven RAID modes.

And, with the latest capacity advancements, the 5big Network includes
a 10TB model, making it the first in its class to offer double-digit
capacity, according to Edin del Mar, LaCie’s SOHO (small office/home
office) NAS Product Manager. The 5big Network is now compatible with
Time Machine backup software.

Additionally, the 5big Network provides improved multimedia server
capabilities, allowing users to play media from the NAS solution
through a UPnP-AV compatible device such as a PS3 or Xbox, directly
to a television or directly to any DLNA multimedia device. The 5big
Network is also compatible with the iTunes server, which provides
iTunes users access the NAS device from the application interface.

The 2big Network is a two-bay RAID device that provides up to 4TB of
professional storage. Its upgrade includes features such as Windows
Active Directory Support (ADS) and local backup. It also supports
integration with MS Windows network domains.

Expanding its backup capabilities, the LaCie 2big Network enables
users to perform incremental and scheduled backups to external
devices. It also ships with client licenses of Intego Backup Manager
Pro for Mac, a software suite that allows users to back up documents,
emails, or other digital assets, or restore them in the case of data
loss. Additionally, the 2big Network is fully compatible with Time

The LaCie 2big and 5big Network will be available through the LaCie
Online Store, LaCie Reseller+ or LaCie Storage Partner starting at
the suggested retail price of US$319.99 for the 2big Network and
$799.99 for the 5big Network.