Intego ( has updated
VirusBarrier, its anitvirus software for Mac OS
X, to version 10.5.8. It provides more detailed
log information and other performance
enhancements.This update includes the following

°Logs now record more events: start and stop of
real-time scanner, virus definition updates, and
cancelled archive scans;

° Log entries can be copied to the clipboard, and can be deleted individually;

° A toolbar button in the log window allows users to reveal item logged;

°Logs can be filtered by type: Information, Warnings, and Threats;

° Malware are now logged in four classes: Virus, Backdoor, Trojan and Exploit;

° Large increase in number of Windows malware detected;

° Improvements in behavioral analysis for
Microsoft Word and Excel macro viruses;;

° Bug fixes and performance enhancements

VirusBarrier X5 is the only antivirus program
that can scan files and applications on the
iPhone and iPod touch in search of malware or
files that indicate that exploits have
compromised the devices.

VirusBarrier X5 10.5.8 is available now. This
version is a free upgrade for all users of
VirusBarrier X5, and is available for download
via NetUpdate, Intego’s automatic update tool.
For more information, or to download a demo
version of VirusBarrier X5, go to