Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the
post-production and broadcast markets, has announced that development
partner Sugarfx is releasing two new plug-in FxPacks: RadialWave and
H.U.D. (Heads Up Display).

FxFactory powered FxPacks are designed by Noise Industries and their
development partners to extend the visual effects capabilities of
Adobe After Effects CS3/CS4, Apple Final Cut Studio and Apple Final
Cut Express applications. The new Sugarfx RadialWave plug-in is an
animation effect that ships with 14 professionally designed presets.
The new Sugarfx H.U.D. FxPack is a stylization plug-in that alters
video so that it looks as though the viewer is looking through an old
camera, a high-powered rifle scope and other technology gadgets.

The Sugarfx RadialWave and H.U.D. FxPacks are available today for
US$69 and $79, respectively, via the Noise Industries web site
( Additional FxFactory plug-in
FxPacks are available for free or commercially starting at a price
point of $29. After Effects CS3/CS4, Final Cut Studio 2 and Final Cut
Express 4 users can test drive Sugarfx as well as hundreds of
FxFactory plug-ins by downloading the free 15-day trial versions.