GenAudio ( has released version 2.0 of its
AstoundStereo technology, the AstoundStereo Expander computer
software that’s Mac OS X compatible. The upgrade allows both the
Macintosh and Windows versions of the software to operate in a
consistent manner, as a background processor for all stereo audio
playback, regardless of the media content, and processes audio from
every application, according to the folks at GenAudio.

AstoundStereo can purportedly be experienced through as little as two
audio channels, such as any headphones, home theater speakers or
laptop speakers. The software processes audio files on the user’s
desktop or laptop computer in real-time.

This enables the listener to hear their music, movies and video games
in a new way, being completely immersed in the sound with elevation,
intensive depth perception and widening of the stereo image, creating
a four dimensional audio experience, according to Jerry Mahabug,
chairman and CEO of GenAudio. Professional recording artists, record
labels, video game development houses and major motion picture film
studios have already embraced the technology, he adds.

Consumers who wish to experience digital audio in AstoundStereo,
including movies, music and games, can now download a free 30-day
trial of the new AstoundStereo Expander software for Mac or PC by
logging onto ; consumers can then
purchase the Expander for an introductory offer of US$24.95.