BOH (, an indie game has just been ported
to Mac OS X. It costs approximately US$17 and comes with 25 missions
divided into five levels of difficulty. It comes with a 24-page, full
color manual.

Here’s how the game is described: “BOH is an original,
retro-flavoured game of exploration and action. You move in
claustrophobic and dangerous battlefields searching for the Evil
Masters. This no easy task not only because of the traps-packed
corridors and mind-blowing puzzles, but also because of the countless
enemies that the Evil Masters throw at you more and more until you
discover them — at that point, you will be attacked directly by the
Evil Masters themselves, the toughest of all. Although your quests
are made slightly less hard by the bonuses and power-ups scattered
all around the battlefield, carrying out the missions demands lots of
concentration and quick reflexes.”