RNSoft (http://www.rnsoft.com/en/products/rssdreamfeeder/) has
updated RSS DreamFeeder, a a Mac OS X compatible Dreamweaver
extension for creating RSS feeds from existing Dreamweaver-based
content, to version 2.5. The upgrade is compatible with Adobe
Creative Suite 4 and offers improved content sampling and automated
entry removals.

RSS DreamFeeder allows you to directly edit any kind of RSS feed you
want. You can open up any feed and click the Content tab, and you’ll
be able to edit the text of your headlines or the url for the audio
files you’re using in your podcast. The software includes an
integrated search engine that looks through your web site for new and
updated content to include in your RSS feed. When you process your
feed, any new or updated content will be extracted from your HTML or
XHTML pages in the method that you specify, and listed as entries
within your RSS file.