TeamViewer GmbH, a leading provider of solutions for online
communication and collaboration, has just released TeamViewer 4.1.
With their cutting-edge desktop sharing software, TeamViewer improves
information access in a remote environment. Designed to make teamwork
effortless and straightforward, single click connection from any
window and instant messaging for groups is now available.

The TeamViewer quick connection button is new with version 4.1.
Enabling instant connection, the button appears in each window when
users are signed in with their free TeamViewer account. Clicking on
this button displays the TeamViewer partner list and allows users to
instantly share their document with their contacts.

With TeamViewer 4.1 users have the secure option of presenting a
single window; only the document selected is shared while all other
windows remain invisible to their partner or partners. To facilitate
teamwork, users can choose interactive input on the presented
document. If the interactive feature is selected, all parties are
able to make changes and modifications to the shared document.

Further enabling online collaboration, TeamViewer 4.1 offers enhanced
chat instant messaging. Perfect for business communication, group
chat is possible with multiple partners able to share immediately and
effectively. Status updates signal partner availability while chat
messages sent when partners are away will be displayed when the user
is available. Ideal for quick communication with colleagues, instant
chat is a fast way to initiate two way communication.

“With the business trend away from command and control and towards
collaboration and team work, companies are selecting tools which
build group cooperation,” begins Dr. Tilo Rossmanith, Founder and
Director of TeamViewer GmbH. “Designed to make online collaboration
easy and productive, TeamViewer 4.1 brings single click connection
and group chat into our desktop sharing solution, making online
collaboration more straightforward than ever before. We are confident
TeamViewer 4.1 will have a solid place within any organization which
values and inspires teamwork,” finishes Rossmanith.

TeamViewer 4.1 uses the same free TeamViewer accounts introduced in
version 4. Users simply download the free TeamViewer software and
sign up for an account including a user name and password. Each
TeamViewer account stores the ID or account name of partners. Once
signed in, users are able to access their partner lists from any
public workstation, via internet and through the secure TeamViewer

Like all TeamViewer solutions, TeamViewer 4.1 maintains the highest
possible security standards. TeamViewer works behind firewalls,
enabling information sharing without compromising computer security.

TeamViewer 4.1 can be downloaded at

Premium and business license keys are available with a one-time
payment or six month lease. TeamViewer is available free for private,
non-commercial use.