Simplify Media, (, a developer of
streaming media applications, has released Simplify Music 2.0 for
iPhones, the iPod touch and desktop computers. It is available now in
the Apple App Store for a special introductory price of US$2.99
On May 14, Simplify Music will cost $5.99.

Simplify Music 2.0 is a software application that enables you to
stream music from your digital music library to your iPhone, iPod
touch or other personal computers. It saves storage space and removes
the need to constantly sync with remote devices, according to the
folks at Simplify Media. Additionally, Simplify Media integrates with
players like iTunes and users can stream songs from up to 30 friends
and view lyrics and artist bios.

With version 2.0 of Simplify Music, users can now search for artist,
album and title across all connected computers as though it’s one
giant library. You can tag favorite music on-the-fly from personal
libraries, or those of friends. You can also create an on-the-fly
playlist and use the “scrub bar” to move forward or back in a
streamed podcast or audio book.

Simplify Music 2.0 is requires zero configuration of firewalls or
routers. It works over WiFi, EDGE and 3G networks, integrates with
iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp and Rhythmbox, and runs on the
iPhone and iPod touch as well as Mac, Windows and Linux computers.