iSale users earned more than US$1.5 million last month with their
auctions at eBay. equinux (, the makers of
iSale, they they’re tapping into this wealth of experience with the
new iSale Lab, an online service that equinux now offers for free to
the iSale community.

The iSale Lab shows all active iSale auctions on eBay and will break
down the auctions into the 10 most popular categories and market
places and the 10 most used iSale templates. This ultimately allows
users to take advantage of the editing of others, says equinux CEO
Till Schadde.

The iSale Lab makes it possible to flip through all of the running
auctions on eBay created and designed with iSale giving users an
opportunity to benefit from the creativity of others when designing
their auctions, he adds. iSale gives users the opportunity to gain
higher bids and earn more money with the 222 included auction
templates. iSale itself costs US$39.95.