Equilibrium (http://www.equilibrium.com) — a software and hosted
services company that specializes in helping enterprise clients of
all sizes to manage, monetize and mobilize content — has introduced
the EQ Network , at this week’s National Association of Broadcasters
conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The EQ Network enables content owners to deploy quickly a Media
Delivery Bar on their site allowing viewers to request personalized
videos to be prepared and delivered via an Ad-Per-View Software as a
Service (SaaS). Content owners can also personalize video experiences
to web, wireless and mobile devices on-the-fly, without any

Equilibrium’s Media Delivery Bar provides web site video content
owners with the tools to “hyper-target” advertisements to individuals
based on voluntary demographic information they supply. The Media
Deliver Bar can be installed on any web page that contains video
content within minutes, without requiring additional infrastructure
costs or changes for the content owner or advertiser, according to

The Media Delivery Bar can be customized and assigned to any video,
providing either personalized advertising and/or sponsored viewing
experiences in four steps through any EQ Network enabled site: (1)
Viewers first choose the video and device to be delivered to, (2) opt
in to share demographic information, (3) the requested video is
automatically properly formatted without having to be pre-loaded into
the Ad-Per-View system, and then (4) targeted video ads are inserted
and delivered to the viewers’ existing Internet video player,
wireless or mobile device. Advertising, sponsors and ID’s are also
inserted on-the-fly into pre-roll, mid-stream or post-roll positions.

The EQ Network’s scalable Ad-Per-View technology automatically
optimizes video content for billions of existing mobile devices,
Internet video players and new ones as they become available.

The Internet video advertising sector is currently estimated to reach
$850 million this year, according to eMarketer, and to increase by
almost 80 percent by 2012.

“Equilibrium allows mobile video advertising to make a quantum leap
forward by enabling dynamic video ad insertion,” said Michael Shehan,
CEO of SpotXchange, LLC and Booyah Networks, Inc. “Combining
SpotXchange’s advanced video ad targeting with the EQ Network and
Media Deliver Bar empowers advertisers to reach consumers with the
same accountability and accuracy as its online counterpart.”