M3X Media (http://www.mthreex.com) — a digital entertainment,
multimedia technology and services company — has announced the
availability of a free web-based application that the company says
transforms the iPhone mobile phone into “a multimedia entertainment
platform, unchained from Apple’s iTunes online music store.”

This coincides with the launch of the limited public beta test of
GRUVMe, a mobile service that brings together forms of digital
entertainment onto one platform, regardless of device type or service
provider. iPhone users can get this capability from the
iPhone-optimized site (http://www.gruvme.com).

“M3X Media’s optimized site for the iPhone and the new GRUVMe service
represent well-deserved freedom of choice for all consumers of
digital entertainment,” says Jim Devericks, M3X Media’s chairman and
CEO. “Until now, Apple and the service providers have called the
shots as to what consumers can view and listen to on their wireless
devices and how much they pay for it.”

The new GRUVMe e service provides a music, video and gaming
experience as well as a social networking service. Devericks says it
offers an ever-expanding library with millions of songs, thousands of
videos and hundreds of games. In addition, full-length motion
pictures as well as top cable TV programming will be available
through the GRUVMe service for viewing on an iPhone once the limited
public beta is completed.

“The GRUVMe limited public beta is being conducted for two reasons:
1) to make certain all aspects of the service perform as expected;
and, 2) consumers have the opportunity to offer suggestions to make
the service as much to their liking as possible,” says Devericks.

Consumers can opt for an all-you-can-eat monthly subscription of
US$9.95 for the core service of music, videos and games. Content can
also be purchased. For example, all music titles are 99 cents each;
videos and games will also be available for purchase. The pricing for
the movies and TV content will be finalized soon.

“GRUVMe is device and wireless carrier agnostic. We wouldn’t dictate
to any consumer which phone, smartphone or PDA s/he uses to enjoy our
service,” Devericks says. “As long as the device meets the basic
technical specifications, it can become a GRUVMe entertainment
platform. Along with mobile devices, like the Apple iPhone, the
GRUVMe service will operate on PC- or Mac-based computers, iPods and
other MP3 players and PS3 or Wii consoles.”