iPresentee (http://www.ipresentee.com), a developer of add-ons for
Apple’s iWork and iLife applications, has released Keynote Themes 4.0
and free Keynote themes to be used with Keynote. Keynote is Apple’s
presentation component of the US$79 iWork suite.

Keynote Themes 4.0 includes 10 new themes: Movie, Metallic, Plasma,
Chinese Symbols, Paper Flower, Paint Drops, Bamboo, Golden Ornament,
Reflection and Black in Red. Furthermore iPresentee offers to try
free Keynote themes: Chocolate, Autumn Colors, Red Cloud and Movie.
The new release extends iPresentee’s Keynote themes collection up to
72 themes.

New Keynote Themes collection offers a variety of presentation styles
with coordinated fonts, colors, backgrounds, bullets and picture
frames. Each theme is available in standard or HD formats. New
Keynote Themes has from 17 to 22 different master slide layouts.
Creating a presentation using new Keynote themes is exactly the same
as creating a presentation using the usual themes. You can: add,
edit, and format text; add photos or movies; use Keynote’s
transitions and special effects.

Keynote Themes 4.0 includes an installer to make sure the themes end
up in the right place and will be displayed in Keynote’s themes menu
automatically. What’s more, iPresentee offers an updated Keynote Show
package that includes 40 Keynote Themes, 32 Keynote Motion Themes, 80
Keynote Animations and 115 Keynote 3D Stuff objects for US$60.

Keynote Themes 4.0 may be purchased for $25. Free Keynote themes are
offered free of charge and can be downloaded from iPresentee’s web
site. Keynote Themes 4.0 requires any Mac running Mac OS X with iWork
08 or iWork 09 installed.