Critical Links ( — a provider of
unified voice, data and IT solutions for small and medium-sized
businesses (SMBs) — has released edgeBOX SoHo, a full-fledged
version of its edgeBOX aimed at small businesses of up to 10 users —
the largest segment of the SMB market.

The edgeBOX SoHo appliance delivers an “office-in-a-box” solution for
small businesses. Features include VoIP/IP-PBX, Security
firewall/VPN, email, a web & print server, routing with quality of
service (QoS), file back up and WiFi access point. Value-added
edgePACKs providing collaboration tools and content management can
also be deployed on the SoHo appliance.

The edgeBOX SoHo is available immediately and has the usual range of
interface options of the standard edgeBOX. Contact Critical Links for
pricing options and configurations.