Axaio software ( — a developer of solutions for
PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for Adobe
InDesign and QuarkXpress environments — has updated its flagship
product, MadeToPrint, to InDesign CS4. Simultaneously it has launched
MadeToPrint Server, an InDesign Server based solution that offers
24/7 high volume PDF creation and advanced workflow automation from
InDesign files.

MadeToPrint is now available for InDesign CS4. MadeToPrint is a
plug-in for InDesign and Xpress, for the creation of reliable output.
It allows addressing multiple output devices simultaneously,
executing various print jobs in one go, token-based file naming and
layer output that go beyond both InDesign CS4 and Xpress’ built-in
output functionality. MadeToPrint Auto allows hotfolder based
processing, enabling completely unattended output.

With the integration of Adobe InDesign Server and MadeToPrint, Axaio
software launches a server based solution for automatic printing and
exporting. It combines the performance and stability of an InDesign
Server with the output options of MadeToPrint.

MadeToPrint Server comes with its own interface for the set-up of
jobs directly on the InDesign Server, and includes options for remote
operation — allowing the processes to run invisibly in the
background. It can be fully integrated with vjoon K4 and Woodwing
Smart Connection Enterprise for fully automated output directly from
the editorial system. A trial version of MadeToPrint for InDesign CS4
can be downloaded from the Axaio web site.