Managing Editor (, an Adobe premier development
partner and a leading provider of software solutions for the
publishing industry, today announced the release of Page Director Ad
Layout System 5.4. Used at more publications worldwide than any other
automated page-planning solution, ALS has been optimized for
compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite 4. QuarkXPress 8.0
compatibility will be available in the coming weeks.

ALS 5.4 includes a convenient new print designer, which allows users
to design and print custom ad dummies, resulting in printouts that
conform to each publication’s specific requirements. The release is
also packaged with ALS XT for QuarkXPress 7.x and a new version of
MEI’s AdImport plug-in that is compatible with Adobe InDesign CS2,
CS3 and CS4. These tools augment ALS by allowing users to import
dummies and final ad content into QuarkXPress or InDesign editorial

Additionally, ALS 5.4 has been upgraded for connectivity with MEI’s
Integrated Production Suite (IPS) 4.5, the sophisticated software
package incorporating display and classified ad planning with
editorial content across an entire publishing enterprise.

Page Director Ad Layout System 5.4 is available now. The upgrade is
free for customers in MEI’s Premium Site Support Agreement program.
Other customers should call their MEI salesperson for upgrade
pricing. For more details, contact MEI at 215-886-5662 or an
authorized MEI distributor. More information can be found on Managing
Editor Inc.’s Web site.