WoodWing Software — a provider of publishing software for magazines,
newspapers, books and corporate agencies — has released Smart Image
for Adobe Creative Suite 4. Smart Image aids designers placing
photographs on an InDesign page by automatically creating caption and
credit text frames containing the embedded metadata stored within the

Professional photographers and stock agencies generally add XMP or
IPTC metadata to their photos such as copyright information,
location, subjects and keywords. In page layouts, the credit and
description/caption are often placed next to the photograph. Smart
Image is able to automatically create the desired text frames in
InDesign and place them according to the user’s preferences, helping
designers to avoid repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Smart Image CS4 allows users to: selectively import
caption/description information, credit information or both; set
object, paragraph, and character styling of imported text; specify a
position, width, and rotation of imported information; and insert
custom text such as “Photo by” or “All rights reserved” to imported
Preferences for Smart Image are stored within the InDesign document
itself, so styles based on user, company, or project can be managed
without copying settings files between computers. Smart Image also
allows caption and credit placeholders to be created and styled so
that when a photograph is placed in a frame, its metadata can come in
styled automatically.

A free 30-day trial of Smart Image CS4 and other WoodWing software
can be downloaded from the product web site