ZiggySoft (http://www.ziggy-soft.com) has released a new version
(2.0) of iWeb Valet, a tool to enhance and upload iWeb pages. It adds
the ability to add new interactive widgets to your web pages.

iWeb Valet works with iWeb, the web creation component of Apple’s
iLife suite. After you have created your pages with iWeb, instead of
publishing your site to MobileMe, you can publish your site to a
folder on a local destination (your hard disk, for example), then you
can use iWeb Valet to enhance in many ways your iWeb pages, and
finally have your website uploaded on a FTP server. Web Valet is
US$19; a 30-day demo is available for download.

iWeb Valet costs US$19. A 30-day demo is available for download.