cb innovations’ cb Hardcore (http://cb-innovations.com/en/hardcase) is a luxury case for the iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus. The bumper case features Italian premium leather construction, and boasts a casing made from 0.38mm-thick aluminum plates.

It also features a pure 935 sterling silver cb button that is hand sewn into the protective case. The cb Hardcase is entirely handmade and uses environmentally reflective materials. It weighs only 38 grams and is just 1.4mm thick.

The case is designed to protect the front, back, and side surfaces of the iPhone from scratches, bumps, sand, or water stains. On the inside is microfiber fleece that cushions the hard case from the inside so that the smartphone doesn’t get scratched. Also, the fleece cleans the surface of the iPhone and absorbs moisture so it dissipates from the phone.

On the back of the cb Hardcore is a pocket that can hold bills or a credit card. Even here our microfiber fleece takes good care that the card is not scratched.

The cb Hardcase is available in the following colors: Black Night, Happy Orange, Caramel Lion, Cherry Love, Deep Ocean, and Pink Lady. It costs $99.