Derman Enterprises announces Sync’Em 1.25, an update of the sync hub
for Macs that’s designed to multi-sync Microsoft Exchange, Google and
Apple contact and calendar information.

Sync’Em version 1.25 adds support for Exchange autodiscovery —
making it much easier to set up Exchange access in organizations were
autodiscovery is configured — as well as improving Exchange and
Google sync performance while adding some user interface
enhancements, fixing a memory leak and working around an Exchange
server issue.

Sync’Em is unique in its ability to multi-sync — sync multiple
configurations, each involving multiple information sources with each
syncing bidirectionally or unidirectionally. Sync’Em has its own
full-featured sync engine that syncs non-Apple sources directly,
enabling it to sync Exchange-to-Exchange, Exchange-to-Google and
Google-to-Google and perform multi-source conflict resolutions in one

Today Sync’Em syncs Exchange, Google/Gmail and/or Address Book
contacts and Exchange and/or iCal basic calendar events. Soon
Sync’Em will be updated to sync Google calendar events and add
multiple Mac-to-Mac syncing that syncs pre-sync’d information, for
maximum efficiency. See
for more information.

Sync’Em can be downloaded via
and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5. 15-day 2-Mac full-featured Trial
licenses are free and all version 1.x updates are free to registered