LaCie ( has announced three new ways to carry
digital content — itsaKey, iamaKey and PassKey USB key drives,
design by 5.5 Designers. The compact key-shaped design fits in a
pocket or on a key ring.

The itsaKey and iamaKey store up to 8GB of flash memory.
Alternatively, the PassKey has a built-in microSD card reader, which
allows you to use your memory cards as stylish and handy USB keys.

The three USB keys are built with metal. Additionally, the Gold SIP
connector on the iamaKey is both water and scratch-resistant.

Supported by the USB 2.0 interface, the LaCie iamaKey, itsaKey and
PassKey can be used with both Macs and PCs. In addition, the PassKey
is versatile; you can easily change the capacity by swapping the
microSD card (or micro SDHC). The LaCie Keys are available now,
starting at US$9.99.