January 6, 2003
Mendocino, CA


SoftRAID, LLC, today announced SoftRAID 3 at San Francisco’s MacWorld Expo
in booth 2412. This new version is the highly anticipated Mac OS X release
of the industry’s leading RAID disk utility software.

Since 1994, SoftRAID has dominated the RAID software market for the Mac.
SoftRAID has been widely bundled with Apple’s AppleshareIP Servers and with
leading SCSI solutions, including the Adaptec and Initio SCSI cards.
SoftRAID has been the RAID solution recommended by Pinnacle Systems for use
with their acclaimed Cin=E9wave uncompressed video solution.

SoftRAID’s high quality, robustness, and superior performance has given
confidence to Mac OS 9 Server Administrators worldwide. Continuing in that
tradition, SoftRAID 3 has been totally rewritten for Mac OS X and is a 100%
native application. This ensures high performance, both in the SoftRAID
driver and its newly designed user interface.

“Many Server Admins and Video professionals have delayed their migration to
Mac OS X, waiting for a server quality RAID”, said Timothy Standing, V.P.
of Engineering at SoftRAID, LLC. “Now, with SoftRAID 3, those users along
with small business accounting and database users, are able to move up with
the assurance of high data availability and better performance.”

About SoftRAID
SoftRAID 3 makes data transfers on the Mac faster and more reliable. The
driver sends data to two or more drives at once, increasing bandwidth (RAID
0 – striping), and/or adding redundancy (RAID 1 – mirroring). Striping is
essential for disk intensive applications such as uncompressed video
capture. Mirroring increases data availability and functions as instant
backup for mission critical data stored on servers and workstations.

SoftRAID 3 supports non-RAID and RAID levels 0 and 1 on any combination of
FireWire, ATA, SCSI and Fibre Channel drives. Users can easily update thei=
OS 9 SoftRAID volumes to OS X Volumes. In addition, SoftRAID offers
automatic rebuilding of Mirror volumes and automatic notification of
errors, all with the high reliability and performance SoftRAID users have
come to expect. Advanced features such as I/O counts, disk error tracking,
and conversion of standard volumes to RAID volumes make SoftRAID 3 the
leader out of the gate. SoftRAID’s sleek interface is multi-threaded,
powerful and intuitive.

SoftRAID 3 is expected to ship approximately 30-45 days after MacWorld
Expo. The suggested retail price will be $149, with upgrades at $99.
SoftRAID 2.2.2 users who purchased or upgraded SoftRAID after August 1,
2002 will be entitled to a free upgrade to SoftRAID 3. (OEM bundles do not
qualify for this offer.)

About SoftRAID LLC.
SoftRAID, LLC is headquartered in Mendocino, California, and has dedicated
itself to developing high quality applications for Mac OS.