samfind Bookmarks Bar Firefox Add-On
( is a new
enhancement for the Firefox web browser that rebuilds Firefox’s
Bookmarks Toolbar as an add-on that puts Firefox’s emphasis on
productivity into the Bookmarks Toolbar and control over the Toolbar
in the hands of the user.

“Our goal was to make the Bookmarks Toolbar obsolete by bringing some
of the best parts of the web directly into the browser,” says
developer Sam Deskin.

The add-on provides integration with existing bookmarks in the
Bookmarks Toolbar to make the transition easy, he says. samfind has
also created an organizational framework that allows for the number
of web sites on the Bar to be multiplied without taking any more

“That way the core websites of the web can fit onto the bar and so
can social and bookmarking services, so you can Digg, Tweet, and
Stumble right from your bar,” Deskin says. “And because search is
integral to the web, we have brought search to your Bookmarks.”