Ross Video ( has launched the new SoftMetal
3000 and 4000 Series Video Servers. The next generations in the
SoftMetal family are integrated media servers that come with I/O and
storage all contained in a compact 3RU package.
The 3000 Series is a Server Class Platform available in either
standard or multi-definition versions. The 3000 Series supports up to
eight simultaneous record/play channels in SD and up to four
simultaneous record/play channels in HD. It uses SATA drives and
offers up to 14TB of media storage.

The 4000 Series is a multi-definition server which supports up to
eight simultaneous record/play channels in HD. It uses high
performance SAS drives with a total capacity of up to 6.3TB. The 4000
Series is designed to support 1080p50 and 1080p60 3Gb/s operation.

Shipments of both the SoftMetal 3000 and 4000 Series Servers start in
March. SoftMetal Servers are designed to work in both live production
and master control applications, offering file based workflow
solutions. File wrapper support includes MXF, QuickTime and AVI.A
wide range of codec support includes DV25, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO HD, D-10
(IMX) 30, 40, 50 XDCAM HD 25 & 50, MPEG2 I-Frame and Long GOP, HDV,
QuickTime Animation, Targa stills and animation sequences, and more.
Automatic ganging of video and alpha channels provides a solution for
master control branding and production graphics player.

SoftMetal servers come equipped with a suite of software and client
applications including Record, Play, Media Manager, Transcode
Manager, Configuration Client and Watched Folder support. SoftMetal
clients are Java based and designed to run remotely from the server
chassis and can run on Mac OS X, Windows or Linux systems.