LehrerOffice is a new product from Roth Soft
(http://www.rothsoft.ch/realbasic/rsreport/). It’s office software
for teachers that’s written in REALbasic.

In order to create, design and print all the required reports, Roth
Soft has written a whole set of Report-Classes (RSReport) in pure
REALbasic. These are now available for download.

With RSReport you can create static or dynamic reports in an
object-oriented manner, show them in a print preview, print them or
save as PDF files. It’s compatible with Mac OS X and Windows systems
without the need of any plug-in or PDF converter/printer. It’s all
written in pure REALbasic.

The following basic drawing elements are available: elements: text,
line, oval, rectangle, checkbox, image, RTF text, triangle charts and
line and bar charts.

A demo is available for download. Registration is US$89.