Selznick Scientific Software ( has released
updates of PasswordWallet for Mac and for iPhone. PasswordWallet
stores all of your passwords and other private information in one,
convenient location, and offers synchronization solutions for users
of iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Palm devices as well as export
solutions for Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Nokia Phones.

PasswordWallet 4.4.4 for Mac simplifies iPhone synchronization for
new users, adds Japanese translation, and addresses some usability

PasswordWallet 4.4.5 for iPhone has a new look, improved reliability,
and many useful features like larger fonts for your data when the
screen is rotated and categories in the password list view. And it’s
available in French, German and Japanese!

PasswordWallet 4.4.4 for Mac OS X is free for all owners of Password
4.0 or later. Just download it and you’re ready to go.