The new Centrify for Mac 2014.1 from Centrify Corp. ( — which specializes in unified identify management across data center, cloud and mobile environments, is a core component of the Centrify User Suite.

With this new release Centrify says it’s easing the burden for Mac administrators by giving them additional cloud-based management options while also enhancing its on-premises Active Directory support for the Mac platform. In addition, Centrify has enhanced its mobile device management capabilities to include support for iOS 8.

This hybrid approach to Active Directory and/or cloud-based Apple device management enables organizations to provide better support for a mobile workforce that is increasingly using Mac laptops and iOS devices, while giving admins the flexibility to manage those devices the way they want to manage them.  For example, an IT admin can use Centrify to join a Mac to Active Directory and enroll it in the Centrify Cloud Service for cloud-based remote management, thereby automatically assigning the Mac to the end user and simplifying the setup of FileVault disk encryption for the assigned user.  Centrify also offers greater security, providing remote policy enforcement and remote lock or wipe features for lost or stolen Macs or iOS devices, ultimately making users safer and more productive.

Centrify is also improving the experience for Mac users by giving them zero sign-on to the Centrify User Portal, enabling seamless access to more than 3,000 web and SaaS applications — such as Box, Salesforce, Office 365, and many more.  Zero sign-on to the portal is a win for Mac users, who can now enjoy a seamless work experience both in the office as well as at home or on the road, and represents a unique capability of Centrify’s Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) offering that other cloud identity vendors don’t offer.  This capability was previously available for iOS and Android devices.

Another key feature is industry-leading support for smart card login on the Mac.  With this new release of Centrify for Mac, federal customers can now use their smart cards for authentication with popular apps such as Firefox, Thunderbird and the DoD Encryption Wizard. They can also better address everyday challenges, such as accommodating users who need to log in but forgot their smart card at home.

Centrify also provides mobile device management for Mac users’ smart phones and tablets as a feature of the Centrify for Mac solution.  For organizations upgrading to iOS 8, Centrify has them covered, thereby delivering a smooth transition for already enrolled devices and an improved experience for new enrollments. 

Centrify has already updated the Centrify Cloud Service ahead of the latest release of iOS, so no software updates are required to ensure support. Moving forward, the company says it will add support for the latest iOS enterprise features to ensure the easiest and most secure access to company applications and resources. 

Centrify says it’s working on integrating with Apple’s Touch ID system to ensure the right users have unfettered access to the applications and data they need.  In addition, Centrify is leveraging iOS 8 extensions to incorporate a login flow for users accessing company resources via Safari.