Seapine Software (, a
provider of application lifecycle management
(ALM) solutions, has announced the release of
Surround SCM 2009, a major upgrade to its
software configuration management application.
The new version brings mission-critical
enterprise-level configuration management
capabilities to software development teams of all

“Surround SCM 2009 is our most ambitious version
since the product’s initial release,” says
Richard Riccetti, president and CEO, Seapine
Software. “The move to relational databases for
storage of all data, not just metadata, opens new
scalability, reporting, and high availability
options for our customers, our partners, and
Seapine. In addition, Surround SCM’s labeling
feature was completely rewritten. Labels are now
on par with branching, giving customers much more
flexibility over when to branch code and when to

Key new Surround SCM 2009 features include the following:

° RDBMS-based data storage: enhances Surround
SCM’s standing as an enterprise-capable solution
by giving administrators more control over
performance, reporting, where databases are
stored, and how they are managed and backed up.
PostgreSQL and SQL Server are supported in this
release with other databases to follow.

° Label enhancements: included hidden labels,
scoped labels, and workspace labels for improved
change control and build management flexibility.
Unlike prior releases, labels, like branches, are
now first-class citizens in Surround SCM.

° Annotate/blame: enables users to see changes
made between versions of text files. New and
changed lines are displayed along with the user
who made the change, when it was made, and the
action performed.

° New third-party integrations: includes Araxis
Merge, NetBeans 6.1, and Eclipse on Mac OS X,
further expanding Surround SCM’s already large
set of supported application integrations.

° Automatic server cache management: further
enhances scalability by improving server memory
usage and performance.