Bartas Technologies LLC and Apokalypse Software Corp. announced today
the sale of two products from Bartas’ line, Temporis and XTabulator,
to Apokalypse Software ( for
undisclosed terms.

The timeline compositor Temporis (US$24.95) offers point-and-click
simplicity for crafting date-based and sequential data into
sophisticated graphs for use in presentations, publishing for print
or web, reports, etc. XTabulator ($9.95) provides a workflow for
dealing with one of the most pervasive formats for sharing info
today, tabulated data in the form of CSV and tabbed fields (TSV).

Alfonso Guerra, president and founder of Apokalypse, says the two
apps had just completed porting to the Blocks framework before the
announcement was made, and that plug-in support is the primary new
feature of their release by Apokalypse.