Skyworks has released two new football games — QB Pass Attack
and X’s and O’s Football
— for the iPhone and iPod touch. They’re available at the Apple App
Store for US$1.99 each.

Here’s how the games are described:

“QB Pass Attack features three sound tracks, state of the art iPhone
3D graphics, and two addictive game modes, Classic and Progressive!
In Classic Mode, score as many points as you can within 60 seconds by
throwing the football through the scoring holes. Hit the close
receiver and score 7 points. Hit the receiver further downfield and
score 30 points! In Progressive Mode, score as many touchdowns as you
can in four “60-second” quarters. Each pass will be counted as a down
and an onscreen display will mark your progress down the field with
each throw. If you come up short on fourth and inches, it’s back to
your own 20 yard line, but if you can hit the far receiver when the
scoring hole is lit, it’s an instant touchdown! Once a pass is
thrown, use the accelerometer to adjust the ball’s flight by tilting
right and left to affect its direction, and up and down to affect its

“In X’s & O’s Football, fight your way offensively downfield to score
as many touchdowns as you can in four “60-second” quarters. Playing
as the coach, quarterback, and receiver you’ll have to be at the top
of your game to earn every first down. Come up short on fourth down,
and you’ll be hitting the showers.
As coach, first select the play from the playbook and set your
receivers to run a variety of passing routes such as the curl, deep
out, and post. Then as quarterback, set your players in position,
hike the ball and choose your receiver. Time your pass carefully to
get the ball right into your receiver’s hands, and then control the
receiver to run downfield for a touchdown! Once the receiver has the
ball, you can tilt your iPhone/iPod touch to control his movement to
the goal line! Use the accelerometer to adjust the running direction
by tilting up and down, and adjust the speed by tilting right and