Enhance Technology (http://www.enhance-tech.com), which makes and
implements hybrid input/output technology in the storage subsystems,
has announced MetaSAN compatibiity with its iSCSI and Fibre SAN

With Tiger Technology’s metaSAN metaSAN, users can manage accesses to
their shared storage the same way they normally would for any other
local drive. Using metaSAN, video and film editors, digital artists,
healthcare specialists, and corporate users can simultaneously access
a common pool of data files such as video clips, databases, or
medical archives as easily and transparently as if the content was
stored on their local drive.

Both the UltraStor RS8/RS16 iSCSI & Fibre Series were fully tested
with metaSAN SAN Management Software and the results were impressive
revealing the improved performance with SAN. MetaSAN 3.2 includes
support for Mac OS X and Windows Server 2008.