MacWorld Attendees, Free FileMaker 10 iPhone Database and Website

Richmond, VA FMWebschool announces a free MacWorld Expo contacts and
exhibitor FileMaker 10 database for the Apple iPhone as well as a free
FileMaker powered contacts and exhibitor website for the iPhone.

I get really tired at trade shows collecting hundreds of business cards. I
then have to enter the information later, or scan them in. Why not enter the
information into FileMaker instantly? What about if you meet an exhibitor
that has some really cool products and you would like to talk to them later?
It’s easy to lose a business card, but what if that information is stored
instantly into a FileMaker database? Imagine having the power of FileMaker
in your pocket.

To coincide with the exciting new release of FileMaker 10, FMWebschool has
created a FileMaker database that you can use on your iPhone or iPod touch.
Using FMTouch (a FileMaker application on the Apple App store) attendees can
quickly add new contacts to their iPhone. Meet someone famous, and you can
quickly snap their picture and enter it into your FileMaker database. Meet
someone really famous, simply tap the photo field in the FileMaker database
and have them add their signature.

The FileMaker solution will enable you to enter and save all of your contact
information immediately. Since FMTouch allows for multiple tables, the
database also includes an exhibitors table. If you find an exhibitor that
you really like and you would like to talk with them later, the exhibitor
tracker enables you to enter all of their contact details as well as
information on the location of their booth. FMTouch will also enable you to
add, edit and delete, your records as well as password protect your
information. FMTouch allows you to run FileMaker locally on your iPhone,
no internet connection necessary.

Instant information at your fingertips! Now it would not be fair for us to
offer a really cool FileMaker contacts solution to only FMTouch users only,
so we have created a special contacts and exhibitors website for everyone

This cool website is password protected and enables you to add contacts and
exhibitor details. The website is free and was built with FileMaker 10. So
you will be able to use your iPhone Safari browser to access the online
website. You can add, edit, create and delete records, so have fun! No one
else can see your information! The website is hosted courtesy of

So if you are an attendee at the MacWorld Expo and you don’t want to be the
guy carrying around 100 miscellaneous business cards or exhibitor’s flyers,
check out our contacts and exhibitors database. Now you can have instant
information available to you in seconds.