InfoLogic has announced MathMagic 6.0 ( in
Universal Binary format. The update of the equation editor for
mathematical equations and symbols now runs natively on both PowerPC
and Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

MathMagic’s equation quality is designed to meet stringent high-end
DTP requirements. Version 6.0 also adds support for MathType
conversion. There’s also an improved toolbar interface for template
and symbol palettes; new symbol palettes for Blackboard Bold,
Calligraphic, and Fraktur styles; and better support for MathML and
Wiki equations. This release includes: MathMagic Personal Edition
6.0, MathMagic Pro Edition 6.0 for Adobe InDesign and MathMagic Pro
Edition 6.0 for QuarkXPress.

MathMagic Personal Edition is available as a standalone utility for
use with any word processing, presentation, or graphic application,
including iWork, AppleWorks, Microsoft Word, Keynote or PowerPoint.
Equations created with Personal Edition can be used via drag and
drop, copy and paste or import/export.

On top of all the features of MathMagic Personal Edition, MathMagic
Pro Editions come with additional plug-ins for Adobe InDesign or
XTensions for QuarkXPress to improve the quality of equations and
productivity in inserting or editing equations in InDesign or
QuarkXPress documents.

Individual MathMagic installers for version 6.0 are immediately
available for download for trial and registered users. MathMagic
Personal Edition starts from US$29.95. Pro Editions start from $199.
Both Personal and Pro Editions are also available as one-month
licenses at $10 and $50, respectively. Full licenses include a
two-year free upgrade. All MathMagic installers come with a fully
functional trial period.