Smith Micro Software’s Consumer Group has released Manga Studio Debut
4.0 and Manga Studio EX 4.0, manga and comic art software used by
professional artists and hobbyists to create professional,
ready-to-publish comics and print cartoons from start to finish. The
updates are available for Mac OS X and Windows systems.

Manga Studio 4.0 offers an intuitive interface and a comprehensive
suite of screen tones, content and special effects to satisfy comic
artists at any level, according to Sarina DuPont, product manager for
Smith Micro Software. Manga Studio Debut is designed for novice users
and features a Beginner’s Assistant and dynamic help to get started
quickly. It also includes built-in drag and drop word balloons and a
color palette.

Manga Studio EX 4.0 is a solution for professional comic artists with
new features including specialized color correction tools, millions
of colors to choose from, enhanced filtering sets and special
effects, new vector tools to create resolution-independent vector
images, hundreds of 3D objects to complement as comic props and more.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for Manga Studio Debut 4.0
is US$49.99. Previous users can upgrade for $19.99. Manga Studio EX
4.0 is available for $299.99, with upgrades from previous versions
priced at $129.99. To learn more about Manga Studio 4, visit; users can view online tutorials, videos,
a gallery and more.