Animoto (, avideo creation platform that lets
users create videos from their own photos and music, has launched its
application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Free to download from the
Apple App Store, the application lets users automatically transform
their iPhone photos into music videos that capture the immediate,
on-the-spot energy of events, travel and other memorable moments.

Once created, videos can be shared and watched both on the iPhone and
regular web browsers. The Animoto iPhone app allows users to create
their Animoto videos from their iPhone without ever touching their
computer, according to Brad Jefferson, CEO & co-founder of Animoto.

Similar to the functionality also available on, the
Animoto iPhone application utilizes motion design and music-analyzing
technology to automatically create videos from users’ selected photos
and music. Users can select up to 16 photos on their iPhone, pick a
song from Animoto’s music collection, and Animoto takes care of the
rest. Users can then remix their video into a wholly new piece or add
it to their collection and start another one.

The heart of Animoto is its Cinematic Artificial Intelligence
technology that thinks like an actual director and editor using the
same sophisticated post-production skills and techniques that are
used in television and film, says Jefferson. The technology takes
into account every nuance of a song: the genre, song structure,
energy, rhythm, instrumentation, and vocals. No two videos are ever
the same; even videos generated with an identical set of images and
music will each have a completely distinct set of motion design.
Videos are produced in widescreen format to utilize the full iPhone
screen and can easily be shared through email.

The Animoto iPhone application is now available for download here: