Luxology has announced that two new sets of videos focused on
architectural subjects have been added to the company’s growing
training library.

Using modo 302, Luxology’s 3D content creation software, the
“Architectural Modeling” video training album demonstrates how to
create an architectural model from a given set of dimensions, and the
“Architectural Interior: Lighting and Rendering” video album provides
techniques for creating day and night shots of a contemporary
interior living space. To expedite the learning experience, Luxology
provides pre-built models and images with each tutorial. Both albums
are produced in high-definition resolution and are available for
immediate purchase at

The first set, “Architectural Modeling,” provides instruction on how
to use modo to accurately model the famous Los Angeles Charles Eames
house. Authored by Andy Brown, Luxology’s training division director,
this album includes three separate video tutorials that explain how
to accurately model the framework, interiors and windows of this
iconic structure.

“Architectural Interior: Lighting and Rendering” shows how modo can
be used to effectively light interiors, and how to create final
high-resolution images suitable for previsualization or client
presentation purposes. Created by Yazan Malkosh, this album includes
three separate video tutorials that cover the following topics:
lighting and materials, render settings and outputs, and final
presentation. Dozens of models, images and lighting files are
included with this training series that consists of 26 video lessons.

The “Architectural Modeling” album is sold for US$25 and the
“Architectural Interior: Lighting and Rendering” training album costs
$35; both are now available for download on Luxology’s website. All
modo training videos are produced in high-definition and are
formatted for playback on Mac and PC systems. For more information or
to purchase please visit