Pro2col (http://www., a file
transfer and workflow specialist, is launching a
new version of the Mac compatible multi-protocol
delivery server StingRay. Following the
acquisition of Hermstedt’s file transfer
portfolio, after the organization went into
administration in June 2007, Pro2col has spent
the last year redeveloping StingRay as a simple,
centralized, reliable and secure file transfer

The out-of-the-box server fits seamlessly into
any business that needs to send, receive or host
large files for collection. In version 2.5, users
are able to upload and download files via a web
browser, logging into their own dedicated area
ensuring that problems with FTP access are a
thing of the past. There is a maximum payload of
250Mb per upload and unlimited download. In
addition users can send files to their customers
via email – not as attachments, but available to
simply download by clicking on the automatically
generated web link (HTTP) embedded in the email.

Nick Stevens, Technical Director at SP Group –
part of St Ives comments, “We’ve been using
StingRay for a number of years to send and
receive files, both internally and externally.
We have four installed throughout our
organisation and they cater for around 99% of our
data transfer requirements. SP Group has worked
closely with Pro2col, so we’re pleased to see the
progress that StingRay is making and are excited
for the future of the product.”

The solution also features customised email
notification, group sending to multiple sites
regardless of delivery protocol and automated
back-up of the entire StingRay configuration in a
single encrypted file. There is a full audit
trail of files sent and received, plus the
opportunity to reduce costs and carbon footprint
by sending files via the Internet rather than

James Lewis of Pro2col comments, “StingRay allows
you to centralise all of your file transfer
requirements into one solution, including FTP,
HTTP, email, ISDN and more. This new version is a
culmination of 12 months of development time,
taking into consideration user feedback. However,
we have major product roadmap for StingRay and
feel that this is just the start of exciting
things to come.”

StingRay is priced at £2,500n. Demos are available online or on-site.