Melodis Corp. has unveiled MelodisVoice Dialer
(, a free, voice dialer for the iPhone
(it’s suppred by mobile advertising). It uses the Crystal Engine, the
company’s recent achievement in speech search technology.

The Crystal Engine is a search engine with a unique design that
accepts voice as input instead of text, according to Keyvan Mohajer,
president and CEO of Melodis. By avoiding the traditional approach of
voice-to-text conversion, the Crystal Engine can achieve higher
accuracy compared to existing solutions, he adds.

The MelodisVoice Dialer enables mobile users to dial by voice instead
of scrolling through a list of contact names. It automatically
indexes all contact information stored on the iPhone without the user
having to re-enter it. To activate the dialer, the user simply
presses and holds the application button on the iPhone screen and
begins to speak.