Aerielle, developers of wireless audio solutions, has announced the
general availability of the i2i Folding Portable Speakers and the i2i
AudioWear Earphones. Both the lightweight speakers and the
lanyard-style AudioWear Earphones are designed for listening to music
around the home and on-the-go.

The i2i Folding Portable Speakers are compact, portable,
battery-operated stereo speakers. The AudioWear Lanyard-Style
Earphones are lightweight and adjustable. Both the speakers and
earphones are compatible with all popular MP3 players and work with
the Aerielle i2i Stream. The iStream offers a way to stream audio
content from sources such as MP3 players, laptops, televisions, home
entertainment systems and gaming consoles to consumers’ favorite
speakers and earphones, including the i2i Folding Portable Speakers
and AudioWear Lanyard-Style Earphones.

The suggested retail price for the Aerielle i2i Folding Portable
Speakers is US$39.95 and the AudioWear Earphones are $49.95. For more
information and to purchase, visit