Enfocus has released PitStop Extreme, a new addition to the PitStop
product family and introduced for the first time at Graph Expo and
Ifra Expo. As of Dec. 1, the fully functional version of a
standalone, high-efficiency PDF editor, is available for users.

PitStop Extreme is designed from the ground up to allow checking and
correcting of even the most complex PDF files. PitStop Extreme also
incorporates Enfocus’ best-in-class preflighting engine and Certified
PDF technology to prevent editing errors and safeguard the file.

PitStop Extreme is sold through an extensive distribution network and
directly from the Enfocus website. A fully functional trial version
of PitStop Extreme can be downloaded from the Enfocus website
(http://www.enfocus.com), as well as fully functional trial versions
of all other Enfocus products.

PitStop Extreme is priced at US$3,499. Included in the license for
PitStop Extreme is a free license to use PitStop Professional on the
same system. Alternatively PitStop Professional 08 users can buy a
crossgrade license priced at $2,799, to use PitStop Extreme on the
same system. This set up offers the users full flexibility in choice
of editing options.