Wi-Gear is helping iPhone users cut the cord with iMuffs, wireless
headphones that are now optimized for iPhone use. They purportedly
deliver crystal-clear sound up to 40 feet away.

Ergonomically designed iMuffs let you pause, rewind, adjust volume
and change tracks right from the headset without touching the iPhone.
You can also answer incoming calls directly from the headphone using
the integrated microphone, enjoying the same automatic music
suspension that you get on your iPhone when a call comes in.

Designed to be worn behind the neck, iMuffs weigh just 2.2 ounces and
are powered by a rechargeable lithium battery providing up to 20
hours of continuous playback time on a single charge. iMuffs are
charged using any computer’s USB port or through an included travel

iMuffs work with the newest iPhone models as well as iPods, including
the iPod classic, iPod nano and iPod touch. They’re also compatible
with many popular Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.

iMuffs MB220 wireless headphones for iPhone are currently sampling
and will be generally available in late November directly from
Wi-Gear at http://www.wi-gear.com/products/imuffs/mb220.php for