has launched Mac and Windows versions of the
GPhotospace Add-on for Firefox and Flock. Leveraging the Gmail
platform, the GPhotospace Add-on shares albums; proceeds from the
software will be donated to help sustainability in rural Africa
through the relief organization Canadian Physicians for Aid and

Using GPhotospace, private photo sharing becomes extremely
straightforward, says GPhotospace founder Colin How. Within the
Add-on, users simply select their photos, upload them to their GMail
storage, select their recipients and send album viewing invitations
through email.

Addressing privacy concerns, GPhotospace has engineered a unique
solution where users’ Gmail credentials are used to log-in, but these
credentials are never actually sent or stored on any servers other
than Gmail’s servers, using an encrypted HTTPS connection.
Additionally, users who choose not to use their main Gmail account
with GPhotospace can simply create a new Gmail account specifically
for their photo storage.

In lieu of payment, GPhotospace founders Colin How and John Harley
are asking those who rely on GPhotospace to make a donation to help
plant a tree in Africa through CPAR
( GPhotospace is
now available for immediate download at