Dear BBEdit Bunch,

We wanted to let you know about a new plug-in (CometPage For BBEdit) and a
related special price offer on the plug-in for registered BBEdit users.

CometPage For BBEdit is a plug-in tool which adds dynamic web page creation
and site management to BBEdit’s feature set.

The graphical organizer in CometPage For BBEdit allows drag and drop of
templates, site-wide macros/stylesheets and over 75 dynamic Comet commands
into any BBEdit window, enabling BBEdit users to start building dynamic web
pages immediately. For more information on the plug-in itself, refer to
Digital Comet’s web site ( A separate,
stand-alone personal web server (called CometSite available for $129
directly from Digital Comet) lets you test dynamic pages on a local machine
before the pages are loaded onto any Mac, UNIX, or NT based web server.

This is a very nifty tool. It is available at a special discount price of
$49 from our site (

To take advantage of this offer, please visit our web site at
(, send email to ( or
give us a call at 617.778.3100.

Warmest regards,

Sandra Schneible
Director of Marketing
Bare Bones Software, Inc.

PS: If you would to update your email address, just send the appropriate
info back to this account. Please do not direct any product-related
questions here; send them to ( or
( instead. Thanks!!