Mark/Space, the creators of the Missing Sync synchronization
software, has released a Mac version of Fliq, a social networking
application that lets Mac users “fliq,” or “beam,” contacts, photos
and notes with other Fliq users on the same network.

Following the success of Fliq for the iPhone, Mark/Space has created
Fliq for the Mac, featuring added capabilities for sending and
receiving notes and memos over a network. The Mac version of Fliq
works with Address Book and iPhoto to allow users to send and receive
photos, and share contacts with friends, co-workers and family

It also offers the ability to drag text and image files from the
desktop and drop them directly into the Fliq window. Additionally,
Fliq for the Mac works seamlessly with the iPhone and iPod touch
version of Fliq for sharing contacts and photos. A Windows version is
in the works.

The Mac version of Fliq is available now as an electronic download
from the Mark/Space online store for US$19.95. Mac users who already
own a copy of The Missing Sync for iPhone can purchase Fliq for
$9.95. To learn more about Fliq, and to download a free seven-day
trial, please visit

Fliq for iPhone and iPod touch is available free worldwide from
Apple’s App Store.