Macware has released two new expansion packs for Logo Design Studio
Pro, the logo design software. The Big Concept 1 and Alphabet Art 1
both install directly into Logo Design Studio Pro for instant use and
feature new vector based logo templates and graphic objects.

The Big Concept 1 adds a new set of logo design artwork and templates
based on general conceptual design, and can be used for any industry
or interest. The Big Concept 1 includes over 150 new logo templates
and 1,100-plus new logo objects created by graphic art professionals
in vector format. By offering the new objects in vector format, every
layer of each object can be changed to show a unique look, according
to Jason Hogrefe, Macware’s product development manager.

Alphabet Art 1 adds new designs to the Logo Design Studio Pro library
with artwork, graphics and templates based on every letter of the
alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet (from A to Z) and every number
(0 to 9) offers unique design variations, giving you over 1,000
graphic objects. Alphabet Art 1 also includes over 150 new logo

The new expansion packs for Logo Design Studio Pro are now available
for download on the Macware web site ( for
US$29.99 each. You can buy both expansion packs for $39.99 until Dec.