Like Thought ( ) has announced Opacity 1.2, an
update to their editor for screen graphics. This update adds a number
of iPhone graphic creation features and many interface improvements.
Opacity requires Mac OS X 10.5.5 Leopard. Opacity Express 1.2 is also
available with the core features of Opacity 1.2 at a more affordable

Opacity already makes it easy to design graphics for desktop
applications, but the new version now makes it easy to create
graphics for iPhone apps as well. Opacity 1.2 includes 8 new
templates for making iPhone graphics, from icons to toolbar images to
button images. There are also 4 new iPhone preview types, including
an Icon preview and an App Store preview, that make it easy to
instantly see how an image will look when deployed in an iPhone app.
These exclusive features make Opacity the only graphic editor
specially designed to make iPhone app graphics.

Opacity streamlines the image creation workflow by combining a great
vector editor and pixel editor with native support for all the
formats needed for screen graphics. Vectors make it easy to draw
great looking graphics and easily make images ready for resolution
independence. Opacity has traditional graphical features like layers,
filters and transforms along with exclusive features including
variables, templates, factories and much more. By leveraging the
power of Core Animation and Quartz, Opacity combines all of the tools
artists need to create beautiful images for icons, applications and
the web.

Opacity and Opacity Express require Mac OS X 10.5.5 Leopard and are
Universal Binaries for PowerPC and Intel Macs. Free trial versions
are available for download. A license for Opacity Express costs
US$39.99, and a license for Opacity costs $89.99 (an Opacity Express
license can be upgraded to an Opacity license for $50. The 1.2 update
is available for free for all existing Opacity and Opacity Express