Ingres Corporation, a leading provider of open source database
software and support services, announced today the availability of
Ingres Database 9.2, the leading open source database that helps
organizations develop and manage business critical applications at an
affordable cost.

Ingres Database 9.2 is flexible, simple, secure, reliable, and
scalable to cope with even the most complex, multi-language
requirements including business intelligence, content management,
data warehousing, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and logistics
management. Already a leader in the field, Ingres Database also
offers added features to further improve the availability required by
the enterprise. To download the latest version, go to

“With Ingres Database 9.2, we offer our global customers an
integrated open source database like no other on the market, in terms
of innovation, technology feature-set, and affordability,” said Roger
Burkhardt, president and CEO of Ingres. “The many new capabilities in
this release were driven by our customers, partners, and other
community members and we benefited from significant community code
contributions. This exciting new release delivers reliable, secure,
efficient data management in a single integrated product, and at an
affordable cost.”

In addition to delivering on reliability and affordability, Ingres
Database 9.2 reduces the time, complexity, and database administrator
(DBA) requirements by simplifying and automating many tasks
traditionally associated with maintaining a business-class database.
Upgrades from previous releases are a simple, highly automated task
with no requirement to reload data. In addition, the release focuses
on improved application development, with enhanced availability and

Key features include:

Today, more and more organizations expand globally. It has therefore
become even more important that business applications support all
languages involved in the organization’s business. Ingres Database
9.2 provides unparalleled multi-language support with expanded
Unicode features.
Ingres customers have long delivered high availability for their
business critical applications by leveraging its proven high
availability features and robust operational capabilities. Business
systems have to be up 24 x 7 to serve customers and employees in all
time zones. With Ingres Database 9.2, new features focus on
increasing the availability of the server, such as enhancements to
point-in-time restore and online backup.

Ingres continues to support the latest standards including Java
Database Connectivity (JDBC), open database connectivity (ODBC), and
.NET Data Provider. Ingres has always been a leader in application
development using Eclipse with its data tools plug-in. Now, Ingres
Database 9.2 simplifies the development of web-based Java
applications and continues to support a wide range of development
platforms including PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C++ and .Net.

Easier to Use, Less Expensive to Support Shrinking IT budgets
translate to fewer resources to support more systems. Ingres Database
9.2 introduces features to reduce the amount of time needed to keep
your systems running smoothly.