GarageGames, a technology provider for independent game developers,
has announced an update to their Torque Game Engine Advanced (TGEA),
free to current licensees. This update adds an OpenGL graphics
implementation and support for Mac OS X.

With this update to TGEA, cutting-edge games for both Mac and PC can
finally be created in one development cycle, says Brett Seyler,
GarageGames’ vice president of Business Development. Developers using
TGEA 1.8 will be working with the same technology that GarageGames
uses to provide Mac-compatible versions of r games on InstantAction
such as Fallen Empire: Legions, Rokkitball, and Marble Blast Online.
Features include advanced material systems, procedurally generated
shaders, integrated real-time editors, developer resources and
thorough documentation.

The 1.8 release is now available in open beta with a full release
planned for November. For more information, check out Torque Game
Engine Advanced at