ATTO Technology ( is shipping the ExpressSAS
H608 and ExpressSAS H680, which the company says is the industry’s
only 6GB SAS/SATA host adapters, to select OEMs and partners.
Leveraging PCI Express 2.0 and 6-Gb SAS speeds, the H608 and H680
deliver the fastest available connection to SAS/SATA storage (up to
8GB/second full-duplex), say the folks at ATTO.

ATTO’s next-generation ExpressSAS H608 and H680 offer native x8 PCIe
2.0 to 6-Gb SAS/SAS2.0/SATA/SATA II connectivity, ensuring
compatibility with the latest in SAS and SATA technology. The
ExpressSAS H608 offers eight internal lanes of connectivity and the
H680 offers eight external lanes of connectivity, each providing up
to 1200 MB/sec. maximum full-duplex throughput per lane.

Available in a low-profile form factor to fit all physical server
environments, ExpressSAS 6-Gb host adapters feature full driver
support for Mac, Windows and Linux environments, and are backwards
compatible with 3GB SAS and SATA devices. ExpressSAS 6-Gb host
adapters feature ATTO’s exclusive Advanced Data Streaming (ADSTM)
Technology, enabling user to achieve “the ultimate” in I/O
performance by controlling the acceleration of large and small blocks
of data. This distinctive intelligence helps ensure that 6GB SAS/SATA
systems are faster, provide better bandwidth utilization, are easier
to manage, and improve system robustness, according to ATTO. Contact
the company for pricing options.