Mogell has announced its new iPhone application: Moods
(, which aims to give users a
better handle on their feelings by letting them keep track of both
good and bad times.

Moods helps users to keep their emotions in perspective by giving
them a choice of 32 “feeling faces” — emoticons that express a range
of emotional states: from light-hearted to somber and everywhere in
between. Users can pick the Mood that reflects their current state of
mind and then write an entry describing why they feel the way they
do. The Mood and the entry are then saved on the user’s iPhone,
creating a personal log of one’s feelings. Later on the user can take
advantage of Moods snapshot analysis tool, which shows users how
often they felt a certain way in a given day or month.

Moods is featured in the Lifestyle section of Apple’s App Store for
US$1.99. It works with all models of the iPhone and iPod touch.